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How to reduce a child’s fever

There are several ways to reduce a child’s fever that can be done independently at home. However, when doing treatment at home, Mothers are required to be more careful about the condition of the Little One and be aware of symptoms that are already showing signs of danger.

Fever in children is not always dangerous and most will subside on their own within a few days. Fever is actually the body’s reaction to fighting infection naturally.

These infections can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites. Several other conditions, such as autoimmune disease or the effects of immunization, can also cause fever. For mild fever, there are several ways to reduce fever that can be done at home.

How to Lower Children’s Fever at Home
Children who have a fever are characterized by an increase in body temperature reaching 38 ° C or more. You can check your temperature …


Why choose glasmeister glasses?

Why choose glasmeister glasses? That’s what many people ask themselves these days when they see the website passing by again. Glasmeister is a major provider in the field of glass packaging. In this, they mainly focus on packaging for cosmetic products and sometimes other products. They have high-quality glasses, but that is not the only thing. Glasmeister also has its own glass factory and produces all the glasses themselves. They do this in a very sustainable way, and this is of course very good for the environment. The alternative to glass packaging is plastic packaging, but this has many drawbacks. 

First of all, plastic is really polluting for the environment and we often see this reflected in everyday life. For instance, it is truly polluting in the production process, but it also has a very short lifespan. Glass can always be recycled, and this is equally one of the biggest …


FDA Human Factors Guidance Revealed

A draft of FDA human factors guidance has been published. It discusses methods for integrating human factors into product development, sample size requirements for usability testing, and comparison with IEC 62366-1. We will discuss these topics in detail to understand their implications for product development and design. Read on for more information!

Draft FDA Human Factors Guidance

The FDA recently released the Draft Human Factors Guidance (HFG) for medical devices and combination products. This document outlines the current expectations of the agency for HF testing, clinical considerations, usability engineering, and user error. It is essential for manufacturers of medical devices and combination products because of the possible public health risks associated with user error. The guidance will also assist manufacturers in their premarket submissions and HFE/UE-related processes.

The Draft FDA human factors guidance for combination products includes examples of simulated and actual usability studies. In addition, the guidance states that …


How can you find out the gender of your child?

Finding out the gender of your child is something most parents dream about. It is often a big question and one that is answered after the birth. In some cases, you can find out the gender at the 20-week ultrasound, but this is not always the case. The doctor will look at any physical abnormalities and not at the gender. Sometimes this does happen, but it is not always the case. Fortunately, there is a solution because you can easily find out the gender of your child with a DNA test. Of course, you do not immediately start using a DNA test and there is a big chance that you will want to know more about it. Do you want to know more about a DNA test for gender? And what a fertility test exactly is? In this article, we will go into detail, so you can find out …


Understanding Assertiveness

What it means to be assertive

People can often confuse being assertive with being over confident or even being somewhat aggressive, but this is not the case.  Being assertive simply means that you are able to express yourself and make it clearly understood what you want and what your boundaries are in a confident, nonaggressive and respectful manner.   

The ability to assert yourself is a useful social skill to have, as not being able to communicate your opinions, thoughts or needs can cause you problems at work, in relationships and friendships, as well as in daily life and all manner of social settings.

People who are assertive are more likely to stand up for themselves and are less likely to be the victim of bullies or suffer with stress, anxiety or depression.  They are also able to take constructive or negative criticism as easily as they can