Fish Eyes Can Be Removed Naturally Or Medicine

When experiencing fish eyes, standing or walking becomes very painful. However, many people ignore this condition and think that corns are the same as calluses. In fact, both are different skin problems. Fish eye lumps are generally small in size with a soft or hard textured middle.
When touched, the soft or hard part of the fish’s eye will usually feel painful. Meanwhile, calluses are hardening or thickening of the skin layer which rarely causes pain when touched. The part of the skin that has callus thickening becomes less sensitive than the surrounding area. The size or area of the hardened skin due to calluses is also often larger than the size of the fish’s eye. However, these two skin problems can be experienced by anyone, both children and adults and cause discomfort.

Fisheye rarely causes serious health problems. However, the emergence of this skin problem can often interfere with the comfort of the feet, especially when walking. According to various sources, here are various ways to get rid of fish eyes that you can try:

1. Fish eye ointment

Fish eye treatment can be done by applying an ointment containing salicylic acid to the feet or other limbs affected by corns or corns. These drugs are usually freely accessible in pharmacies. One example is Collodium ad verrucas 10 percent with milk and salicylic acid.

2. Fish eye patch

Large-looking fish eyes can also be smoothed out by attaching “fish eye patches” containing salicylate. For the record, people with diabetes or diabetes are absolutely not allowed to self-medicate disorders of their feet.

3. Operation

If the fish’s eye does not soften after being given a drug containing salicylates or is getting annoying, the doctor can help by performing surgery. The operation is performed by cutting a portion of the thickened skin using a scalpel. Surgical procedures are useful for reducing pressure on the tissue under the fish’s eye.

4. Laser management

How to remove fish eyes can also be done using a pulsed-dye laser (PDL). This fish eye treatment procedure by an expert is done by burning a small blood vessel clot in the infected area. After laser treatment, the infected tissue will die and the lump will fall off.

5. Using pumice or coconut fiber

Coconut coir and pumice can remove the dead skin on the fish’s eye and deflate it, so that pressure and pain are reduced. How to use it, first soak your feet in warm water before exfoliating to thin the thick skin. After that, rub the fish eyes with coconut fiber or pumice one by one slowly and little by little.

6. Rub castor sap

Castor sap can also be used to treat fish eyes. The trick is to apply castor sap to the area affected by the fish eye regularly to remove the dead skin on the eye fish and deflate the fish eye.

7. Drop frangipani sap

Frangipani sap can be used to treat fish eyes. The method is quite easy, namely by dripping enough frangipani sap on the skin that has the eye of the fish.