Why choose Calaso glasses? That’s what many people ask themselves these days when they see the website passing by again. Glasmeister is a major provider in the field of glass packaging. In this, they mainly focus on packaging for cosmetic products and sometimes other products. They have high-quality glasses, but that is not the only thing. Glasmeister also has its own glass factory and produces all the glasses themselves. They do this in a very sustainable way, and this is of course very good for the environment. The alternative to glass packaging is plastic packaging, but this has many drawbacks. 

First of all, plastic is really polluting for the environment and we often see this reflected in everyday life. For instance, it is truly polluting in the production process, but it also has a very short lifespan. Glass can always be recycled, and this is equally one of the biggest advantages of glass. In addition, it is made of minerals and sand, so no plastics are used. So, why is it so useful to use glass packaging for cosmetic products? In this article, we will go into this in detail so you can find out all about it.

Quality of contents

Cosmetic products are generally very expensive. Creams, skin remedies and other cosmetic products are very valuable. This also means that you want to keep the contents of a cosmetic product well. You often use a cosmetic product for a long time and it is therefore very important not to store it in plastic packaging. Plastic packaging can affect the quality of cosmetic products. Glass packaging is the solution, and this is because glass cannot absorb it. With plastic, this is the case and with glass, the quality always remains a lot better. Glass is not porous, and this also prevents bacteria from entering the product.


The appearance of cosmetic products in glass packaging is, of course, also a big plus. Glasses are transparent and you can clearly see the contents of the packaging this way. Many people find this very attractive and therefore prefer glass packaging. At glasmeister, you have a choice of different types of glass packaging, and these also include closures. These closures are perfect for these glass bottles and especially if you have cosmetic products in them. You can put a stopper with a spray on it for a perfume or a hand cream.

Why choose glasmeister glasses?